Just how aggressive do you want
your investment banker to be?
In a word, VERY .


With a quarter century of excellence, Greif & Co. has built an enviable track record of consistently creating incremental value for clients in merger, acquisition & corporate financing transactions through marketing expertise, negotiating skill, razor-sharp intuition and sound judgment.



We take pride in the caliber of our seasoned, highly skilled professionals, who hail from the ranks of finance, management consulting, law, accounting and industry.

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  • We clearly made the right decision in selecting Greif & Co.―they demonstrated a unique combination of deal-making skill, industry expertise, tireless effort, dogged determination and trustworthiness. My objectives were achieved to my complete satisfaction.

    Donald E. Friese Chairman & Chief Executive Officer C.R. Laurence Co., Inc.

  • You were able to bring us a strategic buyer who was able to grasp the company’s full potential and thus able to pay a price that reflected far more than a mere market multiple of cash flow. Once we agreed on price, however, completing the transaction was no easy task. Greif & Co. was with us in every step of the negotiations, and I do not think the deal could have been completed without your dogged determination and negotiating skill.

    Steve Kaplan Principal Oaktree Capital Management, LLC

  • Outstanding job. We tapped into your experience, tenacity and professionalism and wouldn’t have gotten the deal done without you. When we were prepared to cave on points time and time again, you kept us on track and said, ‘Nope, we should get this point—we’re going to hang tough’ and we got them! We would not have done this if it wasn’t a screaming deal and we hit on all cylinders. Terrific job! Thanks!

    Jim Hart President & CEO Senn Delaney Leadership Consulting Group, LLC

  • “It was like watching a chess master at work.  Greif & Co. generated a price that was way higher than would otherwise have been the case.  They exerted Herculean efforts on our behalf.  Integrity, honesty, professionalism, passion, compassion and kindness—those are the qualities I value, and they are clearly evident in Greif & Co.’s investment bankers.  I can’t thank them enough for all they have done for us.  I will honor and cherish my relationship with Greif & Co.”

    Tony Joseph Vice Chairman & Co-Owner Dacor Holdings, Inc.

  • Greif & Co. is the best. They never cease to amaze me with what they can accomplish for their clients. Their support is fabulous. They believe in their clients. I’m not the least bit surprised by what they can do.

    Robert Greenberg Chairman & CEO Skechers U.S.A., Inc.

  • “I think you have very high ethics and look out for your client’s best interest. A lot of banks will ‘pitch’ to get business using a senior level banker, and then ‘bait and switch’ to a low level banker to get the transaction done. You never did that―you stayed involved every step of the way. Thanks again for a job well done.”

    Eric J. Cremers Sr. V.P. Strategy & Business Development Albertsons, Inc.

  • Greif & Co. did a masterful job negotiating our deal. Thank you for the formidable transaction you put together.

    Martin Crowley Founder & CEO The Patrón Spirits Company

  • You did a masterful job. As far as I’m concerned, you’re the guys I would want in my foxhole. The buyer considered the price awful high and was very pushy, but you were real aggressive in response. They obviously didn’t know what the heck they were up against. Greif & Co. came in well prepared and shook things up, really got their attention. I would have bought tickets to see thisit was delightful to watch from the sidelines. It’s only with time that you appreciate how well it was done.

    Stephen Biroczky CEO Levlad, Inc. & Arbonne International, Inc.

  • Among the investment banking community, you have a reputation of aggressiveness and focus. We also saw sensitivity and perspective. The transaction would not have been the success it was without your contribution and leadership. Greif & Co. has some of the sharpest minds from a finance standpoint that I’ve come across. They’re very creative in terms of structuring deals, and always get top price.

    Robert J. Emmons Chairman & CEO Smart & Final Inc.

  • Greif & Co. really knows how to work a deal and get top dollar. They know the M&A market and know their business. Greif & Co.’s my hero―they get prices that tower above the rest of the pack. We would definitely use them again for another transaction.

    Steven G. Cohen V.P., Corporate Development PMC Global, Inc.

  • Greif & Co.’s investment bankers are smart, professional, considerate and service-oriented. They do a superb job of bringing the parties together and demonstrate their high integrity by avoiding any last-minute renegotiations. I really admire their work ethic. Good bankers/people are hard to come by so we are glad we found Greif & Co.  I think you’re the best banker in the middle market and I’m willing to pay a premium for it.

    Bruce Bruckmann Managing Director Bruckmann, Rosser, Sherrill & Co.

  • It was a tough deal, but you were there when it counted. You said, “Trust in Greif” and you came through for us. It was just amazing what you guys did. There aren’t many people who could have kept this deal alive―you deserve a lot of credit for persevering through a difficult market. This wasn’t about the money for you―that made this result all the more awesome. We were right to choose Greif & Co. We figured you would fight for this deal and it turned out just that way. The amount of attention and work you put into it was incredible. It was a win, win, win! You guys were terrific. You crushed this deal and I’m super impressed.

    Robert E. Bradley President & CEO E.B. Bradley Co.

  • Greif & Co. is the kind of firm that you want to have sell your company, but not the kind of firm you want to have to buy one from. They do that good of a job for their clients. If there’s value to be had, they’re going to get it. You’ll get far better value and service from Greif & Co. than other investment banks.

    Andy Jacobson President Westbrae Natural, Inc.

  • I just wanted to express my appreciation for the truly fine job you did in putting together the sale of my company. When I first met you, you told me I wouldn’t regret having hired you, and you were right—I didn’t! You did an outstanding job of getting me top dollar for Ball, achieving both my price objectives and your own even higher preliminary estimates. Based on my more than 50 years of experience in sales, I must say that you’re a salesman’s salesman, and the best negotiator I have ever seen. You are definitely dedicated when it comes to looking out for your client’s best interests.

    Irv Singer President Ball Industries, Inc.

  • Perhaps most impressive, though, were the astute negotiating skills of the Greif team in the final throes of the transaction. I am totally convinced that we were able to get a far better than anticipated outcome because the Greif team was aggressive and daring in the ‘poker’ game finale. This demonstrated not only a high level of experience in the art of the deal, but also the savvy to use this experience to the fullest. The Greif team provided the consistent, steady leadership of the process that is so necessary to a successful deal. I can unequivocally recommend Greif & Co. to anyone looking to sell their company, and wanting to work with the best!

    Robert A. Stoltz President & CEO Tiernay Metals

  • I thank God and I thank Greif.  This was divine intervention.  Greif & Co. made all the difference in the world.  They did a magnificent job negotiating this deal.  They are virtuosos.  They’re on my hero list.

    Mike Joseph Chairman & Co-Owner Dacor Holdings, Inc.



Whether it is ensuring wealth transition and family succession, creating opportunities for financial liquidity while retaining control, or maintaining peace in the family, Greif & Co. has the expertise and track record to minister to the needs of today’s enterprising family businesses. Half of our clients are family businesses, and virtually all of them are closely held and entrepreneurially owned and operated.

Hence our slogan,
“ The Entrepreneur’s
Investment Bank®. ”

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  • We clearly made the right decision in selecting Greif & Co.―they demonstrated a unique combination of deal-making skill, industry expertise, tireless effort, dogged determination and trustworthiness. My objectives were achieved to my complete satisfaction.

    Donald E. Friese

    Chairman & Chief Executive Officer

    C.R. Laurence Co., Inc.

  • For investment banker Lloyd Greif,
    deal-making makes his world go around


    A deal maker’s view from the top


    By James Peltz

    The gig: Greif, who rose from grocery store box boy to Wall Street deal maker, is founder and chief executive of the investment banking firm Greif & Co. With headquarters on the 65th floor of a downtown Los Angeles skyscraper, Greif specializes in serving entrepreneurial, midsize companies, whether it be helping them with mergers and acquisitions, raising financing or going public. Greif started his firm in 1992.

    Early years: Greif, 60, grew up in Santa Monica after his parents who were Holocaust survivors in Europe during World War II, moved to California in 1947. His father died when Greif was 6. “I wasn’t born with a silver spoon in my mouth,” Greif said. “I grew up in a one-bedroom apartment. My older brother and I shared the bedroom and my mom slept on a pullout couch in the living room.”

    Double-duty: Greif earned an economics degree at UCLA and an MBA at USC while working full-time at a Ralphs store, where he advanced from box boy to assistant store manager. “I took two things from Ralphs: One was customer service and, more importantly, the customer is always right,” he said. Greif later would also earn a law degree at Loyola Law School, where he met his wife, Renée.

    Start in business: Greif worked at the accounting and consulting firm Touche Ross and, in 1981, he joined Sutro & Co., an investment firm in Los Angeles. He eventually became head of Sutro’s investment banking unit but ultimately chafed at the corporate bureaucracy and his own stack of administrative paperwork. “I wasn’t happy,” he said. “What makes my world go around is deal-making. Mergers and acquisitions have always been my forte.” So, at age 36, he launched Greif & Co.

    Hanging a shingle: Although the economy was in recession in 1992, “for me it was a great time to set up your own shop because the competition was pulling back,” he said. Greif & Co. would go on to do deals in consumer products & retail, food, aerospace & defense, healthcare, entertainment & media, technology, manufacturing and other industries. Wall Street is famous for its fair share of sharks, but Greif unapologetically touts his firm’s integrity. “Our mission statement is out of the Bible: ‘Do unto others as you would have them do unto you,'” he said.

    Most recent major deal: Greif’s firm advised C.R. Laurence Co., a glass-products manufacturer in Vernon, and the firm’s owner, Donald Friese, on the sale of C.R. Laurence to a division of Irish building supplies company CRH plc for $1.3 billion. “That’s the guy I want to represent,” Greif said of Friese. “If I can satisfy an entrepreneur, I can satisfy anybody.”

    Part of the job: “I’m a trained psychologist based on doing deals with entrepreneurs all these years,” Greif said. “The buyer wants to buy it for as cheaply as they can, and the seller wants to sell it for as much as they can. Egos are everything. You need an investment banker to buffer the personalities.”

    Hit the books: In 1997, Greif made a $5-million endowment to USC’s Marshall School of Business to establish the Lloyd Greif Center for Entrepreneurial Studies. Why? “The only way I got to be where I am today is because of my college education and working hard,” he said. “My family lost everything in World War II. There are no shortcuts to success. The gift was all about creating future generations of entrepreneurs.”

    Off the clock: Greif and his wife―who have two sons and a daughter, all in their 20s―live in the Hollywood Hills but also escape to a second home in Cambria on the Central Coast that “keeps me centered,” he said. Greif also enjoys writing and collecting art. One of the oldest California state flags is framed under glass in his office.

    Ultimate goal: “I like to sleep well at night and I can’t unless I know I did the best job that I could for the client,” Greif said. “People will say we’re tough but fair. If you take care of the client and put their interests first, you’ll do fine in business.”


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Consistently ranked among the top programs in the United States and abroad, the Greif Center was named #3 by US News & World Report in its Best Business Schools 2016 rankings, and #4 worldwide by the Financial Times in 2015. With more than 2700 students taking 85 courses taught by 35 professors and clinical practitioners, the Lloyd Greif Center for Entrepreneurial Studies is a leader in entrepreneurship education and research.