Important Notices in the case of Business Disruptions

Greif & Co. maintains a business continuity plan (the “Plan”). Consistent with regulatory requirements, Greif & Co. provides this disclosure statement to our clients which summarizes the Plan. Clients should understand that because the Plan contains confidential details and proprietary information, it cannot be distributed outside of the firm. The Plan is reviewed annually and may be updated at any time.

The Plan is designed to be activated in the event of a significant business disruption. The Plan attempts to continue critical operations if an event were to occur that would impact the firm’s business locations or systems. The Plan anticipates a variety of significant business disruptions and the actions Greif & Co. would take in the event of a building, city-wide or regional incident. The Plan provides that, upon the occurrence of a significant business disruption, Greif & Co. will immediately perform an initial assessment of the severity of the event. Depending upon the severity of the disruption, the Plan calls for the relocation of personnel to a preassigned back up facility as well as the transfer of technological data processing to an alternative location.

To give clients a sense of the recovery time objectives for mission critical business resumption, the Plan calls for 4 hours for disruptions impacting the firm’s office building. For more severe incidents, such as a Los Angeles City-wide disruption or a regional disruption, our recovery time goal is to resume some aspects of critical business operations within 24 hours. We stress that these recovery time frames are objectives and may be negatively impacted by circumstances beyond our control.

If, in the event of a significant business disruption, you cannot contact us as you usually do, please refer to this website (greifco.com) for additional contact information.

NASD Rule 3510(e).